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All that candy ...

No trick-or-treaters came to the store :(

I sorta expected it since I'm in a dark parking lot and back away from the street. However, I was expecting at least the AA folks to drop by and take advantage of the big bucket of candy by the door. Oh well, guess I have an overload of sugar for the next time by blood sugar gets low. I decorated up the outside of the store with Mummies, Skulls, and cobwebs but the rain coming in yesterday night messed most of that up. Luckily there was a break during the afternoon when I could reset the decorations and even set up my dollar table. No sales today but I've otherwise had a good week except for Monday. Friday and Saturday are usually my worst days at the store. I've even been considering closing on Saturday in the future and being open on Sunday instead. Tomorrow will tell if the trend continues. I really did expect more people dropping by otherwise ... but the rain probably had a great deal to do with that.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Part of it is the close association to my birthday and the fact that the only parties I had for my birthday (prior to Michael's shindigs) were actually Halloween parties that I pretended were for my birthday. I've always loved costuming, as most of you already know, and Halloween gave me one of the only excuses in my pre-con years. My sister really never liked Halloween and I didn't have anybody else to go out trick-or-treating with so eventually I ended up being the one at the door on Halloween. Guess I really miss that.
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