Dr. Susan "Arizona" Gleason (drarizona) wrote,
Dr. Susan "Arizona" Gleason

A Boar to You

As most of you know, I've moved up into the mountains. There actually is a herd of about six deer, a flock of about thirteen wild turkeys, a pair of red foxes, and plenty of skunks, squirrels (both grey and ground), and racdoons - all frequent visitors on my parents property. They have about five acres on a side of a hill with my grandparents old place of six acres next door. About a month ago a off-duty fireman on a motorcycle hit a deer just at the junction of where our dirt road (Adair) hits the main road (McCourtney). There are plenty of opportunities to hit animals along McCourtney as it winds through the foothills from my parents to Grass Valley proper (my parents are technically in an unincorporated area). I travel this road every day to and from my store in Grass Valley. It takes about a half hour to 45 minutes due to the winding nature of the road. Every day I see road kill - squirrels, skunks, and possums being the most common with a deer showing up at least once a week as well. So what did I have to hit - a boar. Of all things for me to finally hit along this road it had to be a very muddy wild pig. I was driving home from the store at about 9 PM (I close the store about 7:30 but usually don't leave until much later). It was of course very dark and I saw in front of me a pair of eyes. I started slowing down (had been going the speed limit of 45) thinking it was a possum and thus not worrying so much ... until he turned away and I saw how big he was. He was as tall as my headlights and about three feet long. He was almost the color of the asphalt because of his hair and the fact he was covered with mud from the irrigation ditch paralleling the road. I slammed on the brakes but still hit him pretty solidly sending him rolling off the far side of the road. If I had had with me anything more substantial than a pocket knife I would have stopped to dispatch him if necessary. However, I knew it could be a wild and extremely dangerous animal that I had just hurt. I could see him flopping a bit and think I just knocked his wind out more than anything. The area was near a BLM stretch of wild life preserve so he could have wandered out of that area. They are reported from that area. Wild Boars aren't native to California so I don't consider them particularly valuable wild life ... they destroy more natural habitat than contribute to it. Several native bulbs are endangered specifically because of them. Don't get me wrong, I feel terrible about hurting any life just not as bad as I would about most other types of animals. When I got home I was still shaking but the car just has mud splattered over the hood and front and has the license plate frame all bent out of shape. If I would have been going much faster I would have had much more substantial damage. I'm just still shaking my head over the fact I hit a boar ... of all things
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