Dr. Susan "Arizona" Gleason (drarizona) wrote,
Dr. Susan "Arizona" Gleason

Another Boar to Go

On the way home today I noticed another set of tire tracks overlaying mine from last night. Then a large blood spot with hair scattered and what looked like a bone and an obvious boar carcass on the side of the road. The blood was still mainly red which suggests that it was a fairly recent hit. Same exact spot as my hit from last night and very close to the same exact time since I was driving home a bit later than last night. When I got home I quizzed my dad who said they hadn't noticed anything except my tire skids when they had driven home a half hour earlier. Therefore it would have been at pretty much the same exact time. It makes me feel better since it was thus obvious that I hadn't done too much damage last night. However, the incident definitely didn't teach the boar a lesson about staying off the road. I'm just hoping that whoever hit him tonight didn't get hurt.
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