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Working on a Sci-Fi Club for my area

Me and Bob Hole were chatting on-line last night and the final outcome of the conversation was the decision to try and start a science fiction club in our area. We've both been in the area for about a year now and I have only just realized how close (he's in Roseville, a little over a half-hour away). We've also had the same problem of finding a group to join up with this side of Sacramento (and going in to Sac is a bit much for the finances right now). That of course logically led to the crazy idea of starting our own. We're in the collection of ideas phase now and of course are having plenty of fun batting back and forth ideas for names. The current name configuration is something like Science Fiction Society of Western Sierra but that is definitely not set in stone yet. I've got of course the LASFS by-laws and managed to get the by-laws from about four other groups on-line as well. Any suggestions, warnings or ideas from the general crowd here? We want to try and get the organizational framework as set up as we can before doing any sort of membership drive so that there will be less chance of chaos ... okay so that the chaos will be a bit more managed since chaos is definitely part of the fun. The whole goal is a social club with a general science fiction focus, not specifically literary, media or gaming. Anyway, I guess I'm just opening this up for hopefully productive commentary.
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